Strange Cases 1,2 & 3 (AIO Pack)







This Brand New Triple Pack contains all 3 of the Strange Cases
Series up to the latest ‘The Secrets of Grey Mist Lake’
which has just been released. You may install 1,2 or all 3 of these great Hidden Object Games. Any true HOG enthusiast should
have this great series in their collection.

Created and Developed by Team prt1 with the cracking skills of LeeGT and TAC-CM/Velocity



Strange Cases – ‘The Tarot Card Mystery’ w/Strategy Guide








FBI Agent Claire Ellery has a knack for getting assigned Strange cases. the latest…a triple kidnapping in a small, unknown town. But what initially seems like an open and shut case soon unravels into something much more sinister. Follow the Tarot cards left by an anonymous source and search mysterious hidden object scenes for clues to help Agent Ellery rescue the kidnapped girls and stop an evil ritual in this chilling puzzle adventure game.

Game Features:
* Investigate hidden object scenes and clues
* Solve riveting mini-games
* Strategy Guide Included



Strange Cases 2 – ‘The Lighthouse Mystery’ Collector’s Edition








FBI Agent Claire Ellery’s latest Strange case has become personal. Tom, her former partner, has died under bizarre circumstances. As Agent Ellery delves deeper into the mystery of his death, she finds that Tom himself has laid a trail of clues for her—a trail that leads her into a sinister web of corporate betrayal and the arcane. Follow the cards to solve this Strange Case and vindicate your partner’s untimely demise in Strange Cases: the Lighthouse Mystery.

Game Features:
* Dark atmosphere
* Exciting adventure

The Collector’s Edition includes:
* Bonus gameplay
* Stunning soundtrack
* Wonderful wallpapers
* Integrated Strategy Guide



Strange Cases 3 – ‘The Secrets of Grey Mist Lake’ Collector’s Edition








Discover the Secrets of Grey Mist Lake! FBI Agent Claire Ellery has discovered another Strange Case and she needs your help to get to the bottom of a set of Strange circumstances. Explore a town only spoken of in legend in this incredible Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game and save the day. Dive into Strange Cases: the Secrets of Grey Mist Lake and uncover an incredible story with shocking twists!

This is a special Collector’s Edition release full of exclusive extras you won’t find in the standard version.

The Collector’s Edition includes:
* Bonus gameplay
* Integrated Strategy Guide
* Wonderful Wallpapers
* Concept Art



Download: (All 3 games)


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