Shadows – Price for Our Sins










Shadows – Price for Our Sins [Final – Updated] Hidden Objects


It’s Halloween night, and Dylan and her fellow students have decided to throw a Halloween party at abandoned Stone Farm. Little do they know, their decorations aren’t the only things hanging around this spooky house. When the friends stumble upon an ancient artifact, they unwittingly open a portal to the underworld and release the souls of the Stone family, which were being held captive by Lord of Darkness Samhain! The enraged demon steals the souls of the students in revenge, but Dylan narrowly escapes his clutches. Can Dylan earn the help of the escaped spirits and save her friends? Play the game and find out for yourself – if you’ve got the guts.


  • Thrilling mystical atmosphere
  • 35 quest scenes
  • 18 HO scenes
  • 30 mini games



















Game System Requirements:

OS: Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
CPU: 3.0 GHz
RAM: 512 MB
DirectX: 9.0
Hard Drive: 750 MB










This is the new version from Bigfish, no bugs, no glitches, just fun with the game! (Updated 17/02/2013)

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  • Lisa Marie Hall

    I’m stuck in the carriage I can’t find the cross someone help please !!!

  • shirley still looking for repl

    does anyone have a blue screen and computer shuts down when starting up the game shadows or is it just my computer.

    • Snowangel

      I haven’t had any problems with this new version of the game Shirley. I have no idea what might causing that. I would suggest you unistall the game, restart your computer and try a different version of the game. I can find you one if you want.

  • shirley

    shadows caused the blue screen of death after downloading and starting to play

  • Kim

    YAY!! Been waiting for this, thank you!

  • Alien1981
    • HongVan

      Thank you so much, but there are bug cause the game crack. To bad I love this game :(.

  • hao

    i m stuck at the doll hidden game i cant get the domino from the mask pls help

  • Hao

    i m stuck at the doll hidden game i cant get the domino from the mask pls help

  • raven69x

    I can’t get past the puzzle box on the table by the theatre entrance. I put the balls in like it says (I have done this like 7 times already) and nothing happens. How do I place the balls to advance forward??

    • HongVan

      I did that 3 times, then it open

  • angel

    Snowangel have you found another download for this game without the bug thanks

    • Snowangel

      Not yet. I’m sorry :(

  • angie008uk

    This is a good game pity cant get past the scarecrow as keeps stopping :-(

  • Kim Cross

    Couple of screenshots for the puzzles, hope it helps someone

    • mazie

      indeed it did tyvm kim. been stuck on that for about to days.ty again :) :) :)

  • battie

    I can’t understand how to put right the colors on the lock to the house. As it seems some of you got through could you please help me?

    • Kim Cross

      If I remember right, place colours on matching colours, dark blue ones on corners and orange down the middle

  • wyco

    how do you do the bottles please someone help me thank you

    • Kim Cross

      I can’t remember the exact order, but you need corked on one shelf and uncorked on other and colours need to follow the spectrum ie: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet. I completed it through trial and error lol

      • wyco

        thank you Kim

        • Kim Cross

          This is order if you’re still stuck

          • Snowangel

            Thanks for helping out Kim! :)

      • wyco

        I got it thank you

  • Kim Cross

    Great game, but seems there is a bug about half way through when making scarecrow’s head, the game closes :(

    • Snowangel

      Thanks for letting me know Kim. I searched and yes, there is a bug that makes the game crash. I’m still wait for an updated release of the game and lets hope that we will have one very soon.
      P.S What a cute little baby is that! ~hugs~

      • Kim Cross

        Oh great! thank you. Baby is my new granddaughter Annabelle (my 4th grandchild) born 18th Nov :)

        • Snowangel

          Aww congratulations grandma Kim! 4th, wow! Many warm wishes for all your grandchilds! Squeeze Annabelles cute cheeks for me next time!

  • Delicia Cheong

    hello snowangel. do you hav tis game? ”Dandelion – Wishes brought to you -”

    • Snowangel

      Hi Delicia, unfortunatelly we don’t have that game. I’ll let you know if we get it. :)

      • Delicia Cheong

        its alrite. thank youthough

  • George

    How the hell do you get past mirror labyrinth to open the gate! I have been trying for over an hour and can’t get the mirrors set right so that it opens!!! a SKIP would be nice!

    • yarr

      is a maze