Nancy Drew 28 – Ghost of Thornton Hall


Nancy Drew 28 – Ghost of Thornton Hall

Jessalyn Thornton’s fateful sleepover at the abandoned Thornton estate was supposed to be a pre-wedding celebration, but the fun ended when she disappeared. While her family searches for clues, others refuse to speak about the estate’s dark past. Did something supernatural happen to Jessalyn, or is someone in Thornton Hall holding something besides family secrets?

Key Features:

Solve Two Mysteries! Expose the fate of Jessalyn Thornton and unveil the truth about a family ghost
Take on the Scariest Nancy Drew Case Ever! Explore crypts and graveyards and uncover moving statues, sliding panels and secret passages
Examine Multiple Motives Under a Full Moon! Uncover old secrets and divulge new motives among the Thornton friends and family
Unravel Perplexing and Spooky Puzzles! Reveal shocking evidence and critical clues buried beneath the spooky ruins
Track Your Trophies! Verify your unlocked achievements on the new trophy menu display
Fast Forward Conversations! The all new Fast Convo feature allows the player to accelerate through all character conversations




Depositfiles Part1Depositfiles Part2Depositfiles Part3Depositfiles Part4

Filefactory Part1Filefactory Part2Filefactory Part3Filefactory Part4


Thanks to breakkanamexd!

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  • Misha

    OMG, Snowangel, is this for real!? :D

    • Snowangel

      Yes it is! I’m playing it right now! ♥

      • Misha

        Add me to the list of your greatest fans… :D You’re amazing… Thank you… ♥ ♥ ♥

  • katia

    πραγματικά δεν έχω λόγια.RESPECT! thank you!!

  • Ally

    OMG!! Thank you!!! You’re AMAZINNNGG!

  • Elena
  • Anna

    Snowangel, I’m stuck! Can you tell me how to get both keys? I only found one broken key can’t open any door, and can’t open the crypt as well TnT

    • Snowangel

      Hi Anna!
      I haven’t been at your spot yet and I don’t know how to get those keys. Unfortunately there is no walkthrough available yet, so maybe someone who already passed that spot can help you out. :)

      • Anna

        Awh okay thank you ^^ If anyone know the solution please reply me thanks! ^^

  • Jana

    Ah!!!!! Oh my gosh!!! Thank you Snowy,thank you!!! :D

  • Jana

    Snowy..I have a BIGGIE problem! You see I downloaded all 4 parts and exstrat them,but…when I want to open the files it says it’s:unknown or invalid,and when I try to open part 1.exe,my computer just stops!Help? :O

    • Snowangel

      Those files are .iso and in order to open them you need a program (free) to mount it.

      You can read instructions step by step in here:

      and download the program from here (choose your Windows and click download):

      Let me know if you need more help with it.

      • Jana

        No… Part 1 is already .exe,which is pretty odd,because all other parts are .rar.
        When I extract those 3 .rar parts,everything is ok.
        As for part 1 that is .exe,when I want to open it,my computer just..stops!
        So then,I am not sure what to do,I clicked on those parts that I extracted and then it says it’s invalid or unknown.Help? ;)

        • Snowangel

          Don’t use part1 at all. When you extract the other 3 rar files do you get the folder I told you? Do you have many files inside it?

          • Jana

            No,It’s kinda funny,.rar file actually extrasts another .rar file,and that other file is invalid or unknown…hmm…

          • Snowangel

            Don’t extract them one by one, right click on part2 and choose the command extract to ND_GTHpart2. Then you will get those files in the picture below.

          • Jana

            Omg!!! Thx :D

  • frozenbliss

    hi snowangel do you have the game Area-x by zeiva? if don’t have can I request it? thanks alot if you do :)

    • Snowangel

      Hello frozenbliss! Unfortunately we don’t have that game yet. Like our page on Facebook and I’ll let you all know there when we get it. :) x

  • Amy

    Hello snowangel i was wondering when the newest Nancy Drew game would be avaible on this website?? thank you (:

    • Snowangel

      New one? This is the latest game that I know of and it came out few months ago. Are we having a new one anytime soon?!

      • mikki

        Yep The new game is called Nancy Drew: The Silent Spy. The game just came out today. The game is available for download now I think.

    • April May E

      I second this request please! The Silent Spy came out for digital download just today and I am super excited to play it! Hopefully you can arrange that for me :)

      • Snowangel

        I don’t know if you both saw it, but it’s already here! Woooo :)

  • rashel

    there’s an error for depositefiles part 3.. i cn’t down load

    • Snowangel

      All parts are working fine for me, what does it say to you when you try to download?

  • Marim

    Hello! Filefactory links aren’t working for some reason :(( Can you please upload them in different sharing site? (mediafire or depositfile or another one?) Thanks and sorry for bothering you.

    • Marim

      Oops, didn’t notice depositfiles links at all o_O It looks like I mistook this one for another game (Nancy Drew 19, finished that game already though) *ducks head in shame*

      Anyway, the first part is in .exe format and the other ones in .rar format, how am I supposed to make them work? (run exe file then unrar the other parts? please clarify) Thanks a lot!

      • Snowangel

        Hello Marim, no need to be ashamed sweetie pie!
        Once you’re done downloading all the files, remove the .exe extension from the first part and extract them as usuall. You’ll get a new folder with all the files you need to run the game.

        Have fun! ♥

        • Marim

          Thanks for your reply! that was really helpful! :)

        • danailu03

          Stupid question here. What do you mean by “remove the .exe extension”? Does it mean renaming the file and take out the exe part? I tried that and extract the file, but all 4 parts after extracted would not combine into one folder like usual. Please help!!!!! Thanks.

          • Snowangel

            Yes, exactly what you said. Do not extract all 4 rar files, just the first one.

  • snowangel games

    hey snowangewl games.
    could you pretty ptetty please put nancy drew: secret of the scarlet hand back up because i would really like to play it!!
    regards, Simone