Monument Builders – Empire State Building

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Monument Builders – Empire State Building

It’s 1930 and the competition is on to build the tallest building in the world. As Miranda’s project manager, you’re in charge of bringing her big vision to life in Monument Builders – Empire State Building, the latest hit from the makers of the Monument Builders popular series of time management games.

From the bottom up, build one of the world’s most iconic buildings in New York City as you learn anecdotes about the building’s design, purpose, and origins. Your appreciation for this gem of concrete and steel will grow as you face the challenges on site. Clear roads, generate concrete, order and store and deliver supplies, build supporting businesses, and manage your crew to make this architectural dream a reality.

Game features:
Build the iconic Empire State Building;
Play 50 levels of fast-paced time management fun;
Unlock tons of bonuses;
Ensure that your name goes down in history with the success of the project.

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