Millennium Secrets – Emerald Curse










Kate receives a call from her old friend Archibald Jones, a professor who’s an expert in ancient civilizations. He asks her to retrieve a very important briefcase from a secret location in New York City and deliver it to the authorities, but before he can explain further, Kate hears voices and then the call ends abruptly. Help Kate save her friend and find the mysterious briefcase! Travel across the world in Millennium Secrets – Emerald Curse, a fun Hidden Object game.


  • Gorgeous scenes
  • Immersive atmosphere
  • Save Archibald Jones!


















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  • Stephanie Dawson

    Hey Snow, This one is great. Loved the simulated characters! Now if they’ll just hurry with the sequels! lol I hope you’ve had a chance to play this one! :) ~hugs~

    • Snowangel

      Hi Stephanie! I didn’t have the change to try it yet, but now I will sure do. I like mosre the adventure ones (with not so many hidden objects scenes) so I hope this one is one of them.
      Have you tryed the second of the series? Roxannes Necklace

      • Stephanie Dawson

        I must have missed that one! The hidden objects in this one are like pieces of a puzzle to open trunks, darts for blowguns, pieces to make a whole in order to move on, not looking for a bunch of random junk for one item. I really liked it; it gave the whole game a realistic feel. But I’m certainly trying Roxannes Necklace! :) ~hugs~

        • Snowangel

          Then it sounds like a good one for me! Thank you for your feedback Stephanie and I hope you’ll enjoy the second game as much as you did with this one!
          Love ya! ♥