Matchmaker 2 – The Curse of the Deserted Bride










The return of a famous matchmaker! Helen Jones settles in a town veiled in mystery, and takes on its intrigues.

Your task is to puzzle out a sinister curse and help the townspeople find love again! Assisted by the appealing matchmaker, you will plunge deeper and deeper into the town’s whirlpool of secrets and find yourself in the middle of events leading to a surprise ending.


Matchmaker 2 – The Curse of the Deserted Bride Features        

100 different game scenes and mini-games
A love story wrapped in mystery and secrets
A magical amulet and mysterious voodoo dolls
Photorealistic graphics and romantic music
Different hidden object gameplay mechanics


























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  • debbie

    Thank you Snowangel for the new Games.

  • Cheryl Marvin

    Filefactory link says its Premium members only -s-

    • Snowangel


      • Cheryl Marvin

        thank you! -s-

  • Kim

    Just thought I ought to warn you. I have antimalwarebytes pro and when I tried to run this game it deleted and quarentined the exe. Below is a snapshot of the AMB file. I have looked up what this is and it’s apparently a trojan to steal your online banking info :(

    • Snowangel

      Thanks for the info Kim, I took the links offline until I find new ones. That’s weird though, never had any problem with Velocity releases.

      • Kim

        Neither have I, they’ve always been clean, found it odd

        • Snowangel

          I’ve added new set of links. They came out clean for me (the previous were clean for me also), but I don’t have the program you have, so I hope they are fine for you too.

          • Kim

            Sorry Snowangel, it’s a different link but it’s the same file, I looked at the text files and both were packed by razz. AMB deleted it again :(:(:(
            It came up clean with avast AV, so I can’t understand it. Thanks for trying hun x