Hallowed Legends 3 – Ship of Bones Collector’s Edition









You’ve just crash-landed near the village of Erlenbourg, where a ghostly figure has been stealing souls. Follow the trail of the mysterious woman in white and discover the secret behind her terrible task! Once you find the Book of Fire, you’ll have fun matching its relics to the game world, in a special added feature of Hallowed Legends: Ship of Bones.


This is a special Collector’s Edition release full of exclusive extras you won’t find in the standard version.


The Collector’s Edition includes:
Integrated Strategy Guide
Bonus game sending the woman in white home again
Concept art and wallpaper
Screensavers and soundtracks



























A Velocity release

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  • Silvia

    i have downloaded Ship of Bones 3 times and it always stops running… :( what a pity!!! it’s such a beautiful game…

  • http://www.facebook.com/scrollgirl Sheila Bergner-Landry

    I am sorry to gripe, but when I got to the HO scene in the powder room off of the Souvenir shop, I had a problem. Apparently, if you don’t pick up the lipstick first, you can’t get it. I cleared all the other objects out and even though I continually clicked on it, nothing happened. (It’s the room where you move the skeleton from one side to the next by placing the wig on the various mannequins – just to clarify) I saw on the Big Fish forum that others have had this problem too and you needed to restart the game and get the lipstick first.

    This really was poopie because I was already a couple of hours into the game! Plus – I just finished going through nearly the same thing with the “Chimeras: Tune of Revenge” where you needed to get the pieces out of the rowboat in a certain order or you couldn’t get them at all. To fix this you needed to start over again (and for that game it was nearly then end when this occurred!)

    I just want to let people know because it is discouraging to play a game for several hours and then have to start over from the beginning. I appreciate that you make it available to us, but I wanted to warn others so they don’t get stuck too. If there is a fix, please post it when it becomes available. I don’t want to play again from the beginning to have it happen again or in another area. I love Elephant games but that makes two of their recent games that had problems like this and I am beginning to become leery of playing them.

    Thanks so much! Sheila

    • http://snowangelgames.com/ Snowangel

      Hi Sheila! Thank you very much for your feedback, it’s very appreciated. It’s good to know before we start a game those problems and from my side I cannot warn you all cause I don’t have so much free time to play to the end all the games we post. Just to see if they are working. I saw that not all had this problem but I’m not sure what road they followed to skip this issue.

      I’m sure we will have a fix for this bug soon, like the one we had for the other game you mention with the same problem, and once it’s out I will post the game updated again.
      I hope you’re having a nice day :)

      • http://www.facebook.com/scrollgirl Sheila Bergner-Landry

        Thank you so much. I have really enjoyed playing these games since I found you. I don’t get much time either – just an hour or so at night when I am winding down from working all day (I own my own business and work from home, so I am always “working” at some point!) I don’t want to appear to be ungrateful because I do appreciate all you do and being able to try these games out. I do wind up buying many of the ones I like after trying them here.

        Both of these issues were also experienced by others in different forums. That is one reason why like trying them here first. I know Big Fish gives you an hour or so trial, but that doesn’t really give you a chance to experience the entire game. Both of these problems were much later than an hour into the game, with the Chimeras game being very close to the end. While I liked them both, I don’t really feel like starting over again (just yet) and trying in case I get to the same point and the solutions of taking these items first doesn’t work. So I will wait for the updates/fixes to come out.

        Do you mark them as “fixes” and indicate on the post that they solve these types of problems? I am sorry to ask, but as I said, I am new here.

        In any case – it isn’t as if I have no games to play! You have many wonderful choices. I just finished the “Mystery Legends Phantom of the Opera” game and it was great. A big THANK YOU for your site here and keeping us entertained! I love my “new” hobby!

        Take care, Sheila

        • http://snowangelgames.com/ Snowangel

          Sorry for the late reply Sheila, I kinda missed this comment and didn’t see it on time.
          When the fix is out I will re-post the game in the home page and in the title it will be mentioned it’s “Updated”.
          I’m happy that you’re enjoying our site and I’m also glad you found a new hobby to pass your time. Welcome to our gaming family (we’re all crazy gamers around here) and let us know if you need anything else. :)

  • Silvia

    beautiful game Ship of Bones!!! but it is too large and can’t be downloaded!!! Any chance to have it divided into 2 smaller files? :)

  • Dhy

    finally,Thank You :)

    • http://snowangelgames.com/ Snowangel

      New game, yay! :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/scrollgirl Sheila Bergner-Landry

    Thank you!

    • http://snowangelgames.com/ Snowangel

      My pleasure Sheila, enjoy! :)

  • Kim

    Thank you!!

    • http://snowangelgames.com/ Snowangel

      Have fun Kim!