Final Cut – Encore Collectors Edition



Final Cut – Encore Collectors Edition

Your murderous half-sister has escaped, and you’ve got the last piece of your father’s treacherous film projector. The breakout success story returns for an encore as you uncover the truth about your father’s dark secrets and find out who’s really behind his death and his deadly invention in Final Cut: Encore.

The Collectors Edition includes:

Step into your sister’s shoes in the bonus game
Collect film strips and other achievements
Downloadable soundtracks and screensavers
Bonus wallpapers and concept art
Integrated Strategy Guide




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  • Kim

    Avast is stopping me downloading this :(

  • Lesley

    Me too Kim. I’ve had to do a full system and boot scan because of it :-(

  • Cheryl Marvin

    Works fine for me -s- I don’t have Avast though.

    And thank you!

  • Cheryl Marvin

    -laughs- actually now I got a glitch, when I get to the botanical gardens, for the HOS, I cannot get the potato because its off my screen, its cut off. So I am gonna download you just updated and see if that works, Snowangel.

    • Cheryl Marvin

      I tried it, even tried adjusting my screen, its not me, its the game itself, it cuts off the last HOS object I need to finish it. I need an update please.

      • Cheryl Marvin

        still need an update please -s-

        • Snowangel

          Cheryl, all the versions I found were like this one we have here. That’s not a glitch, the game have a option to switch to match3. That will solve your problem.

          • Cheryl Marvin

            oh! I should have thought of that, using the match 3 -laughs- thank you.