Cruel Collections – The Any Wish Hotel



Cruel Collections – The Any Wish Hotel

Get to the bottom of a perplexing mystery in Cruel Collections: The Any Wish Hotel! When a guest at a local hotel goes missing, the owner calls you in to solve the case. But from the moment you arrive, you realize that this is no ordinary hotel. The guests seem to be afraid of you, and a strange man with unusual powers is following you around the building. Can you uncover the secrets of the Any Wish Hotel and escape before you become a permanent guest? Find out in this rousing Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game!


Quickly travel to any location by using the detailed map
Play unique and challenging minigames
Meet mysterious characters and investigate an exciting mystery!



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  • Cheryl Marvin

    there is a glitch in this game, it happens after using a battery operated screwdriver to unscrew the metal plate of the two doors. The glitch makes the door not open and the hint button unusable.